Scientific Presentations


  • P. Lefebure: “H2020 EFFICOMP PROJECT Presentation and main final results”, TRA 2020, April 2020, Helsinki, Finland


  • K. Heudorfer: “EFFICOMP project presentation”, Kunststoffkolloquium, January 2019, Germany
  • A. Al-Lami, P. Hilmer, M. Buggisch: “Eco-efficiency in the smart composite factory/ Cost Assessment of all available EffiComp technologies”, NCC workshop, March 2019, Nagoya, Japan
  • P. Lefebure: “EFFICOMP PROJECT AIRBUS (AGI) ACTIVITIES”, NCC workshop, March 2019, Nagoya, Japan
  • E. Tsiangou: “Ultrasonic welding of thermoset- to thermoplastic based composites: effect of the process parameters on the weld strength”, ASC 34th Technical conference, June 2018, September 2019, Atlanta, USA
  • P. Lefebure: “EFFICOMP project presentation and final results inside AIRBUS SAS”, 9th EASN International Conference, September 2019, Athens, Greece


  • E. Tsiangou: “Ultrasonic welding of CFepoxy and CFPEEK composites through a PEI coupling layer effect of the energy director material on the welding process”, ECCM18 Conference, June 2018, Athens, Greece
  • K. Heudorfer: “Characterisation of the Forming Properties of Wide Unidirectional Prepreg Tapes using the Advanced Ply Placement (app) Process”, 8th EASN International Conference, September 2018, Glasgow, UK
  • E. Tsiangou: “Investigation on Energy Director-less Ultrasonic Welding of Polyetherimide (PEI)- to Epoxy-based Composites”, 8th EASN International Conference, September 2018, Glasgow, UK
  • P. Lefebure, J. Cinquin: “Development of Innovative Curing Technologies within H2020 EFFICOMP Project, for Manufacture of HIG Performance CFRC Parts”, 8th EASN International Conference, September 2018, Glasgow, UK
  • P. Hilmer, A. Al-Lami, M. Buggisch: “Real-time benefit assessment in production of fiber reinforced polymers (FRPs) - Implementation of Industry 4.0 in benefit assessment”, 8th EASN International Conference, September 2018, Glasgow, UK
  • T. Nishi: “A new ignitable spark detection system for lightning protection in CFRP structure”, 56th Aircraft Symposium and Exhibition, November 2018, Yamagata, Japan


  • K. Heudorfer: “A brief validation of release strategies for composite tools (”, Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering – SAMPE Conference 2017, July 2017, Stuttgart, Germany
  • EFFICOMP H2020 Project Presentation by Jacques Cinquin (AGI) at the SUNJET II Forum - International Paris Air Show 2017,  July 2017.
  • Development of new processes for aerospace structural composite part manufacturing with affordable cost and high ramp up capability within EFFICOMP project by Jacques Cinquin (AGI) at the 7th EASN International Conference (September 2017). 
  • Investigation on Energy Director-less Ultrasonic Welding of Thermoplastic to Thermoset Composites by Eirini Tsiangou (TU Delft) at the 7th EASN International Conference (September 2017).
  • Investigation of a new out of autoclave placement process, mould concepts/release strategies and reusable heated bagging material by Klaus Heudorfer (USTUTT) at the 7th EASN International Conference (September 2017).
  • Assessment of Hybrid Heating for Curing of CFRP Structures by Philipp Hilmer (DLR) at the 7th EASN International Conference (September 2017).
  • Lightning Protection - Measurement of Spark Light Emission on CFRP Structure for Verification of Ignitable Spark by Takayuki Nishi (SUBARU) at the 15th Japan International SAMPE Symposium and Exhibition (November 2017).


  • EFFICOMP project presentation and first results inside AIRBUS GROUP by Jacques Cinquin (AGI) at the Composite Days,  5-6 October 2016.
  • EFFICOMP Forum on Novel Concepts for the next generation composite aircraft at the 6th EASN International Conference, October 2016.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 690802.

This project is commissioned by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization( NEDO) in Japan.


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